2020-2021 Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise President: Chuck Rhoads

President's Message
Chuck Rhoads, 2020-2021 Kona Sunrise Rotary President Rotary Club Kona Sunrise continues to hold meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to continue to meet at Papa Kona’s Wednesday morning at 7:00 am. We can only seat a maximum of 10 people to stay in compliance with health standards established by the State of Hawaii. All members and guests are welcome to attend our meetings via Zoom.

Our Club continues to serve our local area. We continue our involvement in assisting feeding the needy with our Meet-n-Eat that is now held on Tuesday evenings. We continue to strive to be involved with our youth throughout the West Hawaii area. We will continue to raise funds for scholarships for our students.

Tho these times have caused us to rethink many events in our Club life, we endeavor to continue to move forward with our programs and some events. Fund raising continues to be difficult, due to restrictions. We will move forward and look forward to ever Club member being a part of us.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, we will make determinations regarding the number of people that can attend the meeting in person. Keep looking for updates for our meetings and event.

We, as a Club welcome our guests and are anxious when we can see many of you in person.

We will have a great year and hope you are able to join us.

Chuck Rhoads
RCKS President, 2020-21