2018-2019 Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise President: Nestorio Domingo

President's Message
Nestorio Domingo, 2018-2019 President Aloha Kona Sunrise,

Welcome to the new Rotary Year! It has finally arrived and whether I am ready or not as your President, I just have to take the bull by the horns and deal with it the best way I can.

Each of the board positions has been filled. We have a working budget in place which is really the driver for what we will be doing throughout the year. We have established our club goals which District 5000 will be closely monitoring. Our plans for fund raising and service projects are also in place, which should keep us fully engaged throughout the year.

However, I will not lose sight of the fact that we are a small club and don't want to run the risk of member burn-out from too many service projects or events. We have other commitments other than Rotary after all. This year, we plan to do fun events as a club. If you have any idea for fun, let Chuck Cartwright know.

Our theme (or compass) for this year is actually embedded in our club's vision statement as follows: We are a passionate and fun club of diverse membership, focused on caring and serving our local Ohana to create lasting change.

Lastly, being that it's July already, I would like to recognize Bernice (20 years), Jane (1 year) and Marcia (4 years) for their faithful service to Rotary.

Be the inspiration!

Nestorio Domingo
President 2018-2019

President's Kick-Off Meeting with 2018-2019 Club Goals